Tom Brady Is World’s Greatest Beer Chugger, Former-Teammate Ross Tucker Says

RealClear Staff


     Tom Brady’s known for being an NFL all-star—he’ll hopefully score his seventh win. In addition to making the (New England) Patriots proud, he’s apparently a top-tier beer chugger (according to his former teammate, Ross Tucker, who’s now an NFL media man).

Recently, on Ross’s radio show, Dan Patrick told Tucker, “You were the one [who] brought it to the nation’s attention that young Brady was a great beer chugger.”

“Best I’ve ever seen, and I was in a fraternity in college,” Tucker replied.

Tucker totaled the Brady boasting with an anecdote about the New England all-star out chugging a buddy Tucker thought to be the best, beer chugger ever—skip to 2:58 for the details.

[Video: courtesy of The Dan Patrick Show]



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