WHOA! He Accidentally Skis Right Off A 150-Foot Cliff And Captures The Entire Thing On His Helmet Camera!

RealClear Staff


There's a reason I don't ski, and this is it!

You know what's fun? Kicking back by the fireplace in a remote ski lodge with a nice book and a strong drink. You know what is decidedly not fun? Barreling down the side of a mountain at 30 mph before zipping right off the side of a cliff and into the snow hundreds of feet below you.

It's a lesson that the guy in this video knows all too well. It turns out that cliffs are pretty difficult to see when everything in front of you looks like solid white ground. The sharp drop comes up on him so quickly that he barely has any time to react at all! Why do humans enjoy skiing, again? I would think any sport that involves the risk of plummeting 15 stories would scare most of us away.

Fortunately, he appears to be totally fine, despite the fact that he literally jumped off of a cliff. He's smiling at the camera within seconds of realizing where he is, in fact! Send this video to the skiing fanatics in your life as a reminder to be careful while they're on the slopes this season!


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