Wow! This Unknown Sport Called 'Crashed Ice' Is One Of The Most Intense Things I've Ever Seen!

RealClear Staff


I didn't know I needed an ice skating/roller derby/motocross hybrid until now!

I've always wondered why nobody ever bothered to recreate roller derby on ice. Roller skating and ice skating are relatively similar after all! Were people afraid that someone was going to get their finger sliced open by a skate? That had to be it, right?

Well safety concerns and fingers be damned, the hybrid has finally (sort of) arrived! Though more reminiscent of motocross than anything, "crashed ice" is the new sport that's taking the world, or at least Minnesota, by storm! Four competitors must race down a tricky track while trying to knock their opponents out of the way. I love it already!

I can't even fathom the amount of athleticism that it takes to do something like this. Last time I went ice skating, I don't think my hand ever left the wall! Is this a sport that you'd ever get involved in? By tickets to see? Let us know!


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