4 Recent Advancements in Technology that Could Change the World

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The future is here...

Every revolutionary technology had to start somewhere. New scientific endeavors are launched and pursued every day, however, these in particular may just be the beginning stages of the next big things. 


This extremely light, ultra-conductive, and incredibly strong material is the result of placing Carbon atoms in a hexagonal pattern. A one atom thick sheet can support nearly 7 pounds before breaking, making it easily the strongest material in the world. It’s theorized that the materials ability to rapidly transport electricity may also revolutionize the world of batteries. You could fully charge your iPhone in 20 seconds.

Image Credit: wikimedia.org


It turns out that all you need are some stem cells and a pig to grow yourself a new pancreas. Ok, so that’s a gross simplification, but Japanese scientist Hiromitsu Nakauchi seems to have figured it out. By implanting human stem cells into genetically modified pig embryos, Nakauchi can cause the pig to be born with a functioning human organ ready to be transplanted. Hope you don’t mind your future kidney could be coming from a pig.

Image Credit: flickr.com

Brain-Brain Communication

Harvard scientists recently performed a non-invasive experiment in which they wired a human’s brain to the brain of a lab rat. By simply using his mind, the subject was able to cause the rat’s tail to twitch on command. The future implications are vast. We may be on the path to being able to fully communicate with other organisms on our beautiful planet. Or an evil scientist could enslave all of humanity with an actual brain control device. But that’s only a worst-case scenario.

Data Storage...in DNA

You know DNA as being the foundation from which organic life arose.  Some scientists are starting to know it as a shockingly massive storage area. Earlier this year English biologists were able to encode various files into DNA, and then extract them with 99.99% accuracy. Audio, text, and images were all successfully retrieved in the experiment. In the near future, you may be able to store millions and millions of hours of your favorite YouTube videos right in your biological make up.

Image Credit: flickr.com



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