Safe Sex Gets Upgraded - Shocking Condom Is Revolutionary

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It’s pretty common knowledge that many men prefer not to use protection because of the decrease in stimulation and pleasure.

But gentleman, it’s time to put your listening ears on. With the Electric Eel (yes, we’re serious), there’ll be no more excuses not to wrap it up.

In the world of condoms, ribbing and tingling lubricant is about as fancy as it gets. Until now.

Georgia Tech digital media students have created the Electric Eel prototype with electric stimulation to keep the good times going.

Built with a conductive fabric and a Lilypad microcontroller, a small shock is sent through the bottom of the condom in response to different sensor inputs, providing stimulation to the underside of the penis.

Although still a prototype, the hope is that during actual manufacturing, the conductive leads will be able to be directly embedded into the material.

Still have your doubts? Check out the video for more info.

Or just take it from the Electric Eel creators themselves—apparently it’s been personally tested and member approved by the entire team.



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