Lick Your Phone, Have Better Sex?

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Finding a way to workout your body isn’t hard to come across. But finding a way to work out your tongue—well, that’s a different story. Until now. There’s actually an app for that.

The only catch—you have to lick your phone.

Developed by Club Sexy Time, the Lick This app was designed to help improve tongue movements.

You may be thinking it’s to make envelope licking more efficient or to help you reach that life-long goal of touching your nose with your tongue—but you’d be wrong.

No guys, this app is to take your oral skills to the next level. Yes, we’re talking about cunnilingus.

So, how exactly is an app supposed to take you from a mediocre performance to pure pleasure? By licking your phone, of course.

From using your tongue to flick a virtual light switch...

To operating an old fashioned pencil sharpener...

Or just plain working it the way you want to as long as you keep the beach ball in the air…

...Lick This wants you to get up close and personal with your phone by visiting on your mobile device.

I guess this would be considered taking one for the team?

We’d suggest throwing a new plastic cover on there first—apparently that whole ‘wrapping it up’ thing applies in more than just one situation these days.

Tech seems to talk in the sexual realm. Check out the latest condom innovation and let us know which, if any, of these new creations you'd experiment with.



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