The Revolutionary Folding Toilet of the Future

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The toilet of the future is here. Designed by two students at the University of Huddersfield in England, the Iota purports to be the future of toilet technology. What is that future?

Folding, mostly.

Unlike your present toilet, the Iota operates on an axis which lets it curl-up against the wall for more secretive flushing. According to the designers, this allows the Iota to use considerably less water per flush.

The big question with the Iota is, How is this useful? And it’s a fair question. How often have you ever been in your bathroom and thought, You know, this experience would be so much better if my toilet could fold-up? Hardly ever. Unless you have a really small bathroom.

The Iota’s appeal doesn’t really seem to be directed at people living in the West (except maybe for people living in New York City or Paris) but instead for people in southern and eastern Asia, where space—especially bathroom space—is at an immense premium. In Beijing, where your bathroom is so small, you don’t actually have a shower stall, just a sprayer on the wall above the sink, those extra few feet of space could come in quite handy. 

Watch the full tech demo below:



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