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     Pixar’s “Wall-E” depicted a dystopian future where a large surplus of garbage had forced humanity to leave the planet and live aboard spaceships. The fictitious BnL ad promoted automation, as miscellaneous robots/machines catered to the people’s every need—e.g., hover chairs. Every person aboard used them to get around. However, because nobody walked anymore, in addition to the light screens constantly in their face, people had become morbidly obese and physically disconnected from each other.

Jump back to reality, society’s seeing a lot of precursors come to fruition. First up is the seemingly popular “hover” board, which doesn’t actually live up to its name. (That thing’s not making a great first impression.) Just recently, the Golfboard hit the consumer market. Golfers can now be cool with the sidewalk-surfing folks while feeling better about decreasing the damage to fairways—because God forbid more divots! More, there have been numerous lazy, tech gadgets released to the public. No longer will people need to move a muscle, as machines are taking charge while allowing humans to be more social. That’s what really matters—right?

With all these “innovations” being made available to society, it’s no wonder people have forgotten their manners when going out in public—self-respect totally gone. But hey, this is the future. Technology is “cool,” as it makes everything effortless, free of original thought. Keep patting yourself on the back and playing video games—don’t forget the snacks!



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