These People Fell In Love Via Twitter.

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July 17th, 2016, was a big day for Mrs. & Mr. Jonathan O’Brien—they were married. In 2013, after Victoria started following the Twitter feed Jonathan managed (@WstonesOxfordSt), they formed a running dialogue. Victoria initiated the first meetup, as she brought him doughnuts when reading his pastry-craving post. A few days later, after receiving a direct message from Jonathan (he invited her to lunch), Victoria obliged—the rest is history. Two, unexpected strangers connected via Twitter—having never seen each other’s pictures. Some may say it’s a post-modern love story made possible by the standard method of communication.

[Photo: Luna Photography]

However, others argue that people are losing actual social skills. Technology’s deterring us from forging real-life relationships. Perhaps it’s just another way automation is being perpetuated. No longer do people rely on friends to introduce them to others. Forget about physically approaching someone and striking up a real conversation. Dating sites do all the work for us—e.g., OKCupid, Tinder, etc. Can’t make time for a business meeting? No problem! Professionals get it done via Skype, conference-call applications and other digital devices. Contemporary society has all but lost the basic art of human interaction—machines facilitate almost everything.

[Illustration: Kronk]

Perhaps you’ve been on the subway and observed fellow passengers being totally unaware of others. Maybe you’ve sat in a café while almost everyone else is staring mindlessly at their gadgets. Gone for a walk in the park lately? Notice how many people aren’t even taking in the view. Just like anything, technology should be used in moderation. (Who knows—you might meet some amazing people when looking up and around!)



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