Computers Have Officially Won: Human Defeated At Poker By Artificial Intelligence

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They already beat the human brain at chess, solitaire, even "Jeopardy!" But the last game in which humans were still superior has bested us at last...and artificial intelligence can now beat us at poker.


Libratus is an artificial intelligence created at Carnegie Mellon University, and it's smarter than us. Recently, the AI won over $1.7 million in chips playing against four of poker's top professionals. The tournament lasted 20 days, and just ended this week in Philadelphia.

Artificial vs. Human Intelligence

It's also the end of the days when the human mind could still beat a computer at a game. It's been the better player in chess, checkers and all sorts of other games, but being better at poker shows significant developments in AI technology.

Poker is a game of strategy and decisions, and any human poker player can tell you there's no one formula that will make it easy for you to win it. Computers can now strategize and reason better than we can -- at least, in a card game.

It’s the End of the World As We Know It

Libratus is even capable of bluffing better than humans, because you can't really win at poker without the ability to bluff. But no worries -- the Libratus isn't planning on registering for the World Series of Poker anytime soon.

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