5 Magical Places On Earth That Look Like Heaven

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Maybe Heaven is on Earth after all...

Have you ever looked at something so beautiful you had to pause for a moment and ask yourself if it was actually real?

Around the world there are countless sights that seem so magical, that they must be a slice of Heaven on Earth. 

Here are just 5 of these magically beautiful places you can visit around the world!

3. Kawachi Fuji Garden, Japan

The Kawachi Fuji Garden has 150 Wisteria flowering plants and  walking beneath the flowers is truly enchanting as it seems as though it's a tunnel of raining flowers.

2. The Magic Forest, China

This magic forest in China is of course, magical!

The trees are decorated with thousands of tiny blue fairy lights which illuminate the green forest around them. 

1. Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

The cave is made with hexagonal shaped rocks which were formed by solidified lava which was pushed up from the earth and revealed when the sea eroded the rock and dirt around them.

4. River of Flowers, Holland

A flowing river of flowers is truly a fantasy!

In the Keukenhof gardens in Holland, the worlds largest flower garden, there is the River of Flowers. The flowering river flows gently through the gardens, and looks like a real river.


5. Ruby Falls, Tennessee, United States

1,120 feet below the surface of Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga are the Ruby Falls. 

The falls are 145 feet high and are illuminated in a gorgeous pink color due to the rocks around it, which is why they are called Ruby Falls.

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