16 Simply Unbelievable Borders From Across The World

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How many have you seen?

From the lax lines of European countries to the militarized borders of some Asian nations, no two are truly the same. 

1. Norway and Sweden

Thousands of snowmobilers ride the Norway-Sweden border, marked by a distinct lack of trees, every year.

2. Brazil and Bolivia

Differences in deforestation practices are clear in this bird's-eye view of the border between Brazil (to the left of the river) and Bolivia (to the right).

3. Canada and the United States

Some parts of the U.S.-Canadian border are relatively lax, to say the least.

4. India and Pakistan

Winds that blow through the valley pictured here, which denotes the border between India and Pakistan, frequently split cloud formations.

5. North Korea and South Korea

North and South Korea are (literally) like night and day. 

6. Spain and Portugal

Driving into Portugal from Spain? Things might get a little bit bumpy.

7. Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina

The point of convergence between two rivers marks a stunning three-way border between Paraguay (in the back), Brazil (to the right), and Argentina (to the left). This area is known as the "Triple Frontier".

8. Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos

A similar phenomenon occurs at the border between Thailand (in the very front), Myanmar (to the left), and Laos (to the right).

9. Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia

Not all tri-borders are denoted by rivers, however! The border between Slovakia, Hungary, and Austria is indicated by a single picnic table.

10. Namibia and Botswana

Namibia's (to the left) entirely artifical border with Botswana (to the right) forms a perfect right angle.

11. Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Similar to Brazil and Bolivia, different deforestation practices have caused quite the contrast between areas of Haiti (to the left) and the Dominican Republic (to the right).

12. Poland and Ukraine

Polish artist Jaroslaw Koziara used an array of different crops to create two massive fish right on the Polish-Ukrainian border to symbolize peace and trade between the two countries. 

13. Macau and China

People living in Macau, a Special Administrative Region of China, drive on the left. Meanwhile, in China, people drive on the right. This makes roads on the border between the two areas slightly confusing.

14. The Netherlands and Belgium

Iron tiles run through areas of the border of the Netherlands and Belgium. The line crosses through businesses, roads, and even some homes. The house at the bottom of this page actually has two addresses!

15. Mexico and the United States

A volleyball game takes place using the border between Mexico and the U.S. as a makeshift net. Stricter border control policies have made this friendly competition, taken in 1979, pretty much impossible in modern times.

16. Except when it happened again in 2007!

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