Finally! Now You Can Actually Live In The Eiffel Tower And Practically Rule Paris

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For the first time, the Eiffel Tower will become a rental vacation home this summer -- but only for the four people who win the contest. Since the Tower was built in 1887, only one other person has ever used the world-famous monument as a residence: Gustave Eiffel. 

Home Away From Home

HomeAway, a rental company specializing in vacation homes, has rented out the Eiffel Tower for the duration of the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament. It's scheduled to begin in Paris this summer from June 10 July 10. HomeAway has created a luxury first-floor apartment inside the landmark, which will give those inside expansive views of famous Parisian wonders such as the Seine, the Sacre Coeur and the Arc de Triomphe. 

And despite the bold claims being made to promote the special contest which will give four people access to the apartment, this won't be the first time someone has lived full-time in the Eiffel Tower. Designer Gustave Eiffel built an apartment on the third level of the Tower for himself. 

The Home Inside the Tower

Eiffel decorated his private quarters with wallpaper, wood cabinets and even a full-sized grand piano. Reportedly, the apartment was about 1,000 feet above ground level. Gustave also had a small lab located next to the apartment, so he could conduct various experiments. 

The apartment didn't remain a secret hideaway for long. People soon heard about the apartment tucked away in Eiffel Tower, and Gustave began receiving rental requests from all over Paris. Eiffel refused and continued to use the apartment for his own purposes, which meant having important guests over for quiet parties. One was Thomas Edison, from America, who presented Eiffel with a (then) high-tech phonograph machine.

Attracting Tourists

The apartment is now a tourist attraction that visitors can stop to see on their way up to the top of the tower. Most of the furniture remains unchanged. The new luxury apartment is located on the first floor of the tower, and it's quite a bit more modern than the one Eiffel built in the 1800s.

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