8 Strange Summer Music Festivals In All The Weirdest Places

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Tired of listening to your friends brag about their experience at Burning Man? Go to one of these really weird music festivals, and you can one-up anyone’s summer story this year.

A Bunch of Rocks

The Traena music festival is hosted in Norway every July. It’s in the Norwegian Sea, atop a big rock formation. It’s also very cold, so forget about the summer shorts and get your winter coat out of storage before you go to this one.


The Underwater Music Festival has been a part of Florida culture for three decades. It’s held every year in July off the coast of the Florida Keys, and way under the water so bring your scuba gear. A radio station pumps music into the water through pipes, and every year a “best dressed” prize is awarded.

A Forest in Sweden

The Into the Valley festival is held in an old limestone quarry in the middle of a forest somewhere in Sweden. It sounds weird, but the setup has it all. Big lights, sound equipment and a stage are installed for the two-day festival at the end of July. Some of the festival takes place inside an old limestone quarry tunnel, which creates really unique atmosphere.

A Secret Garden

You’re going to see strange stuff at the Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire, England. This music festival is literally held in a 100-acre garden in late July, and there’s a new theme every year. There’s lots of other stuff here besides music, and all attendees are called gardeners. 

A Capital City

Copenhagen Distortion is an enormous music festival that literally takes over the entire town every June. This festival is held in the streets of the city and actually moves each day for a week. Stages and dancefloors are set up in streets and warehouses to turn all of Copenhagen into a music festival.

In an Old Fortress

Exit is a famous European music festival hosted by Serbia every year in mid-July. A lot of genres are represented, but the music is only part of the attraction. This festival is held inside an old Fortress on the banks of the Danube. The huge fortress, built during the days of medieval kings and queens, has incredible acoustics.

I'll Melt With You

Go to a place called Grafenhainichen, Germany in mid-July for Melt! This music festival is held in a huge, open-air museum dedicated to the Industrial Age. You'll be surrounded by huge installations and big pieces of equipment, the perfect setting for the rock and electronica music.

Bowling for Punk Rock

Where are all the punk rockers at? They’re traveling all over the country to various bowling venues all summer long. The Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival is exactly what you think it is: concerts inside of bowling alleys. If you like the idea of a summer music festival but crave air conditioning, this is perfect event for you. The Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival stops in Las Vegas and several other cities in the U.S.

Is the Music in You?

Are you inspired to go to one of these weird summer music festivals this year? Share this story, and tell your friends where you want to go!



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