Where Should You Go On Vacation? The 8 Places That Sell The Cheapest Beer, Of Course!!

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Because if you're getting away from it all, you might as well spend the least amount of money on beer as you can.


The average price of beer in both Budapest, Hungary and Cancun, Mexico is less than $2.50 per bottle, which is amazing. Both cities are steeped in culture and history, and look great in photos.


Go to English Harbour, Antigua for a beach vacation where at least the beer is extremely affordable.


See sunny Costa del Sol, Spain on the cheap, because here beer is just over $2 per bottle.


The medieval glory of Krakow, Poland is even more enjoyable when beer is less than $2 a bottle, on average.


Famous for its historic buildings, Prague should also be known for its super-cheap brews.


Temples, beaches, forests, mountains -- Bali has it all, including totally cheap beer.


The gorgeous resort town of Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is perfect for any affordable vacation -- because beer is less than a buck, and what’s more fun than that?

Cheap Beer!

It only makes sense to follow the cheap beer when you vacation -- and thus, save money to do all the fun stuff while you’re there. Share this story!



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