He Biked His Way Home For 30 Days And 300 Miles...In The WRONG DIRECTION!

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He was attempting to get home in time to celebrate Chinese New Year, and didn't have the cash for a train ticket. So for 30 days, he biked toward what he thought was home. But he was so, so wrong.

Ill Advised

He left from Rizhao, located on the eastern coast of China, in hopes of getting to Qiqihar. That's about 1,000 miles away. And since he had no money for a train ticket, he decided to ride his bike there...during one of China's coldest winters in recent history.

Unable to read maps or road signs, he relied on people giving him directions to pedal his way home. Tragically, most of the directions he got were wrong. Traffic police found him, lost and headed in completely the wrong direction, near central China.

Lost No Longer

After hearing his story, the police officers and several workers at a nearby toll station pooled their money to buy him a train ticket home. 

Chinese New Year, which starts on January 28, is the most important holiday across the country. Around 3 billion people will be travelling in and around China in order to get into position to celebrate the holiday. At least one of them will make it home safely before the holiday begins...after a few wrong turns, anyway.

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