Breaking: Guinness Opts To Build A Brewery In The United States!

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Everyone's favorite stout is finally going to be brewed stateside!

After an agonizingly long 63 years of absence, Guinness is finally coming back to the United States. Well, at least a Guinness brewery is! If the famous Guinness stout wasn't readily available at your local Irish bar, I'm pretty sure there'd be actual riots in the streets nationwide.

Diageo, Guinness' parent company, recently announced that they will be spending $50 million to open up a brewery in Relay, Maryland. Not only will the facility brew the single most delicious beverage that has ever existed, it will function as a visitor's center that will offer tours to guests. You know what tours mean: free beer tastings! Sign me up!

The new brewery will create around 70 jobs, and is expected to open by fall 2017; just in time for Guinness' 200th anniversary of exporting beer to the United States! Pretty perfect timing if you ask us.

Are you excited about the prospect of domestically brewed happiness? Er...I mean Guinness. We know that we are! Let us know in the comments!


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