Royality TV Debut - 'I Wanna Marry Harry'

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Matthew Hicks, star of I Wanna Marry "Harry"

Image Credit: Daniel Smith/Fox

A Regal Version of 'The Bachelor'

On May 20th, Fox debuted a new reality dating series called I Wanna Marry “Harry,” a show that calls back to the 2003 (also Fox) show Joe Millionaire. 

Produced by Ryan Seacrest, the faux-Prince sets out to trick 12 unsuspecting American women that he is, in fact, the second son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, before revealing his true identity in the final episode.


Image Credit: Fox

America's Royal Family Fever

The grand Royal Wedding of Prince William, second in line to the British Throne, to commoner Kate Middleton in April of 2011, caused the American public to experience a resurgence of Royal Fever. This obsession with the British Monarchy had been relatively stagnant since the death of Princess Diana, mother of Princes William and Harry, in August of 1997.

Today, those Princes, with their good looks, charm, and charitable efforts, have captured the attention and hearts of people all around the world. So much so that Fox decided to capitalize on that love, and produce a reality dating show based on a fake Prince "Harry" finding love from a selection of 12 American women called I Wanna Marry "Harry."

Undoubtedly, this show will garner a lot of attention, especially since it is produced by the jack–of–all–trades Ryan Seacrest. Matthew Hicks, the Prince Harry doppleganger at the center of the action, clearly has the looks, talent, and charm to convince these ladies he is Prince Charming.

As a Royal Family fan myself, I want to tune in to I Wanna Marry "Harry" just to see the ridiculous novelty of it all, and to see a guy who kinda resembles the Adonis-like Prince Harry. But, here is my issue: How can anyone go on a reality show believing that the REAL Prince Harry would be allowed (by Royal protocol) to find love via a competition taped for television? Do these women really believe they are in the presence of the Prince Harry and that "he" will fall in love with them under the guise of a reality show? 

I realize I Wanna Marry "Harry" is supposed to a fun, light-hearted, and "romantic" reality show that cannot be taken too seriously, but I hope, for the reputation of Americans everywhere, that this will not make us look Jersey Shore-ridiculous. Only time will tell....

I Wanna Marry "Harry" premiered May 20th on Fox....Did you watch?



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