Craft Beer’s Big Break May Be Here

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How big is craft beer? It’s got its own TV show now.

Brewed in New York

Craft beer is the focus of “Brewed in New York,” a new series produced by MagicWig. Breweries in New York state will be featured on each episode, while two hosts learn about the ingredients and unique features in every region of the state.

The hosts will travel to various breweries and sip different beers in a classic travel/food show format. Meanwhile, craft beer enthusiasts will get an insider’s look at some of New York’s most interesting craft breweries.

Craft Beer on TV

Now that “Brewed in New York” has broken the glass TV ceiling for craft beer, could more programming follow? Who knows? Maybe soon, there will an entire channel dedicated to craft beer. Share this story with all the craft beer lovers you know!



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