Video: Student Calls Out Teacher for Being Lazy

Posted: 5/10/2013 10:16:48 EDT
Jeff Bliss, a student at Duncanville High School in Texas, made national headlines when a video of his classroom rant went viral. In the video, Bliss criticizes the teacher for handing students a packet of information, instead of teaching them "face-to-face."

"You want kids to come into your class, you want them to get excited for this? You gotta come in here, you gotta make them excited. You want a kid to change and start doing better? You gotta touch his frickin’ heart. You've gotta take this job serious."

"This is the future of this nation," Bliss continues. When you come in here like you did last time and make a statement like, 'Oh this is my paycheck' -- indeed it is. But this is my country's future and my education."



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