14 Things We Can Tell About You Based On Where You Live

RealClear Staff


It might be time to move.

Do you live up to your state's stereotypes? Or are you a special snowflake?

1. If you're more of a cat or a dog person.

2. How much of your salary goes to a church.

3. How frequently you curse.

4. What your favorite kind of beer is.

5. How likely it is that you're obese.

6. What your primary source of news is.

7. How stressed you are.

8. How fast your Internet is.

9. And how many things you're illegally downloading using your blazing Internet.

10. What your secret 'shame' is.

11. Where your ancestors came from.

12. If your children are properly vaccinated.

13. What your favorite MLB team is.

14. And, most importantly of all, which NFL team is your favorite.

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