Pakistan Is NOT For Lovers: Valentine's Day Is BANNED Nationwide

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The High Court in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, made the announcement Monday: Valentine's Day is totally banned, effective immediately. 


The ban on Valentine's Day is going to have immediate, and huge, effect. Advertisements in electronic and print media that reference Valentine's Day are banned. The sale of merchandise associated with Valentine's Day, that is also banned.

Oh, and celebrating Valentine's Day? You guessed it: banned. Celebrating the day of romance in any public space or public building, that is no longer okay. Pakistan's Electronic Media Regulatory Authority is going to monitor the country and make sure the ban is being followed.

What For?

Some consider Valentine's Day to be anti-Islamic, and the holiday itself too closely linked to Western culture. Annual rallies against Valentine's Day are common in Pakistan, as led by such groups as jamaat e Islami, a pro-Islamic political party. 

The ban provoked immediate response on social media, with some citizens adamantly against the ban and others in full agreement with the new laws. Valentine's Day is not as widely celebrated in Pakistan as it is in the U.S., for example, but it is used by retailers for various promotions. And it is enjoyed by some who want to honor their romances. 

Ban on Love?

Heart-shaped balloons and red roses are usually popular Valentine's Day items in Pakistan, and vendors have already been supplying their stalls in anticipation of the holiday. Suddenly, they're finding themselves stuck with hundreds, even thousands of dollars, in contraband.

Whether or not religious reasons are involved, IS banning Valentine's Day such a bad idea? Share your answer when you share this story!



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